Solidarity Across Nations

Indigenous peoples are united to protect our land, water and living beings from tar sands expansion and pipelines. Walk with us, in our continued fight to honour the treaties.Start the healing locally, by hosting a local solidarity walk. The same issues that exist in the Alberta tar sands exist in indigenous communities across Turtle Island. Healing Walk supporters are invited to host a walk around their block, their farm, cottage, city office building to heal together, in the continued struggle to honour First Nations’ treaties. Share your walk by sending an email to keeperathabasca@gmail.com.Healing Walks

Healing Walk From Victoria To Ottawa – March 28th 2014Refinery Corridor Healing Walk: Connecting the Dots – June 14th

Permanent Protest, Utah Tar Sands Mine

Indian Peoples Action Non-Violent Direct Action in Great Falls, MT. – June 28th

Solidarity Healing Walk, Montreal – June 28th

Victoria’s Tar-Sands Healing Walk – June 28th

Tar Sands Healing Walk solidarity campout at PR Springs – August 16th